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We create online presence strategies for small, medium and large companies. Join us

We create online presence strategies for small, medium and large companies. Join us

Our customers' opinions


Google Ads training: Structured (…) topics, extensive knowledge, balanced combination of theory and practice, interspersed with interesting cases, examples, multimedia and exercises, (…). Interact with the lecturer and other participants. Super organization of training: room, equipment and catering flawlessly. I highly recommend. Really spent effectively two days, which will certainly bear fruit.

Joanna Kryszko,
Online Marketing Associate in Ernst & Young

Czarna Góra EN

Cooperation with the Orange Juice agency opens a number of new doors for successful promotion of the company. We systematically entrust to specialists from Orange Juice the promotion of ever new packages offered by our resort. Prepared recommendations for image ads and activities carried out in the advertising network bring visible results and significantly increase interest in the offer of Czarna Góra.

Anna Haczkiewicz-Mazur,
Marketing and sales director of Czarna Góra S.A.

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

From the beginning of our cooperation, we have been observing (…) the involvement of Orange Juice specialists in our advertising activities. (…) Recruitment for studies at the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw, despite the annual decline in the number of high school graduates in Poland, was a success and a better result than in previous years. (…) A lot of feedback, quick response and searching for solutions to increase recruitment and registration. We recommend Orange Juice as the right business partner for implementing online campaigns.

Paulina Boroń-Kacperek,
Director of the Recruitment Office of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Dobrysł EN

The training itself was conducted based on data from our GA, and the trainer tried to answer each question comprehensively, which allowed us to find many answers to the questions: How to do it in GA? We believe that taking part in this training is one of our better recent decisions.

Tomasz Suchanek,

Cobostore EN

We have been a customer of Orange Juice for a long time and with a clear conscience recommended this agency as a reliable and reliable partner.

Joanna Chomka,
Owner of

Deichmann EN

Generally a very good grade when it comes to training and trainer’s knowledge. The team appreciated not only the knowledge of theory, but also the transfer of experience in the field of web analytics. The training discussed the most important issues for us from the point of view of our digital team. I recommend Orange Juice for training in GA.

Tomasz Bogdziewicz,
Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager Deichmann-Obuwie

hurtowniaprzemysł EN

Orange Juice is above all great committed people. Good contact and understanding of goals accompanies us from the very beginning of cooperation. It all adds up to successful promotion on Google. I would recommend.

Grzegorz Szymański,
Co-owner of

SpeedFly EN

Orange Juice provides professional support in online marketing. The agency’s extensive knowledge – both theoretical and practical – deserves recognition. Timely implementation of tasks, extensive competence and expert advice allow you to recommend her as a trusted business partner.

Agnieszka Trzepacz,
Marketing Coordinator at SpeedFly EN

Seamless cooperation, good contact, high level of substantive knowledge, great customer service. What more could you want?

Marcin Szewczyk,

Ecovend EN

The Orange Juice agency has entrusted comprehensive activities to the promotion of our company on the Internet. From the beginning of cooperation, we have been dealing with great professionalism, experience and creativity […] Thanks to reliable analysis and properly selected and implemented strategy, we successfully reach clients.

Krzysztof Wolański,
Managing director,

Profit EN

Our goal was advertising, which will promote the Profit Law Firm on the Wroclaw market. The effect that we obtained thanks to cooperation with OJ exceeded our expectations. The proposal of comprehensive actions and their professional implementation translated into an increase in Profit’s recognition on the local market and an increase in the number of clients of our tax office.

Mateusz Lewicki,
President of the Board of Profit Sp. z o.o.

Cięty język EN

Cięty Język and Orange Juice were joined in cooperation on events related to the promotion of Wrocław. How do we remember it? Professionalism came to the fore and in a solid dose. Video campaigns promoting events on YouTube attracted a huge number of people to these events. We hope that this was not the last common point of contact and we will still be able to cooperate!

Karol Gołaj,
President of Cięty Język EN

Orange Juice is a great team and real website audit experts. Thanks to the fact that they tested all possible behavior scenarios on our platform and checked usability functions, and then presented a very well-prepared synthesis of all analytical conclusions, we were able to refine the details.

Kamil Paśko,
Owner of

Przesyłarka EN

Przesył has been cooperating with Orange Juice since August 2014. The company has proven that it has vast knowledge and experience in running AdWords campaigns and optimizing its main indicators. Cooperation with Orange Juice directly translates into the growth of our business while reducing the cost of conversion.

Katarzyna Maziak,
Managing Director of Efero sp. z o.o. sp.k./ Przesył

Kessel EN

Promoting our company’s products (…) is not easy, however Orange Juice Experts have ideally selected the right tools to promote Kessel on the web. All activities are carried out with the utmost diligence, and we especially appreciate precisely conducted remarketing.


Anna Stochaj,
Marketing Director at Kessel Sp. z o.o.

Ubea EN

In addition to the business objectives pursued, cooperation with Orange Juice is supported by the experience of successfully implementing campaigns for other financial entities. In addition, the Google AdWords Trainer certifications – as well as the certification of the entire agency belonging to the Google Partners program confirm the right choice in choosing Orange Juice agency for promotional activities on the Internet.

Nina Kuczyńska,
Member of the Board of

Mennica Wroclawska EN

We have been cooperating with specialists of interactive agencies for 5 years. Long-term cooperation allows us to understand our business goals and set new ones as our strategy and company develop. Our cooperation with the Orange Juice interactive agency is successfully determined by three slogans: professionalism, effect orientation, trust.

Maciej Zych,
Marketing Director at Mennica Wroclawska EN

Training with Google Analytics in Orange Juice was a very good choice. The training program was well prepared […]. Many examples allowed to better understand this subject. As for me, the advantage was that the workshops were carried out in a very small group.
In conclusion, the training was very fruitful and provided me with a considerable amount of knowledge

Joanna Ratajczak,


Cooperation with Orange Juice in organizing training for our team went smoothly and matter-of-fact […]. The specialists from Orange Juice were focused on getting to know us as a customer, so as to adapt the training to our needs and expectations. This resulted in a series of professional classes that significantly increased the knowledge and competence of our employees.

Anna Walicka,
Director of the Board Office at NEONET

Kseromax EN

The training conducted by Orange Juice can be reduced to a short statement: a good investment. First of all, it showed how big our knowledge gaps in online advertising were, not to mention the practice.

Sebastian Zadrożny,
Sales Specialist at Kseromax 

Laza EN

We thank Orange Juice for the professionally conducted training in a very nice atmosphere, reliable explanation of our queries and solid help in solving the complexities of GA.

Marek Foryś,
Owner of

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business

During the course of the course, Orange Juice uses effective and innovative training techniques to learn about Google’s tools environment in practice […]. In summary, we can recommend Orange Juice as a trustworthy partner in the implementation of professional business training.

Dr inż. Dorota Kwiatkowska-Ciotucha,
Head of Development Projects Service, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business

Auto Franpol EN

Great training! Really recommendable. The approach of a friendly tutor is professional and helpful. In addition to the training plan, you can find out interesting curiosities. I appreciate the individual approach. The training atmosphere is extremely pleasant and light, which allows you to focus knowledge in a very productive way.

Leszek Wiśniewski,
Owner of Auto Franpol

Tee++ EN

Interesting audit, you can learn a few things from it. Makes a man look more closely at the tool he uses. It is worth implementing the remarks and recommendations contained in the audit.

Jan Świst,
Owner of Tee++

Mechaniq EN

I highly recommend it because their work increased viewership and optimized costs.

Marcin Ciskowski,
Owner of

University of Warsaw

Two days full of inspiring solutions and interesting sales strategies. This is how the training conducted by Orange Juice can be summarized, dealing with issues in the area of Ads and Analytics entirely dedicated to managers.

Paweł Płatek
Uniwersytet Warszawski

Make It Easy EN

Excellent, interesting training! I got a great dose of Google’s great knowledge. Very good atmosphere, thanks to which it is much easier to absorb the material. I was surprised by the many practical activities that allowed me to overtrain everything. For me it is especially valuable. In addition, the trainer willingly presented curiosities and answered all questions. I would recommend!

Agata Perlińska,
Owner of Make It Easy

Expondo EN

A very interesting topic, very extensive material, well prepared. The training made me realize that a lot of information can be extracted directly from GA, which can help in setting marketing, purchasing strategies and analyzes.

Jakub Jóźków,
Shop Manager, EN

We thank Orange Juice for a reliable and quickly worked out Audit. At, we try to improve the points marked by Orange Juice due to the results of the Audit and we hope that this will improve the quality of our GA account. The report mentions a lot of details and advice – for which we thank you very much. We recommend an Orange Juice audit for a better understanding of Google analytics.

Anna-Paula Cederholm,
Head of Marketing in

Santander Consumer Bank EN

Great training, I highly recommend it!

Ewa Mądry,
Santander Consumer Bank

Motos EN

The Gooogle Analytics audit is prepared very reliably. It shows exactly what needs to be improved in the functioning of the website and online marketing. Each element is very well explained and contains useful information about the benefits of improvement. I highly recommend Orange Juice professionals.

Michał Kempa,
Owner of

Jumo EN

Great training! After training, amazing support and help in solving problems. I believe that it is worth signing up for training and establishing cooperation if you are looking for a company to run a campaign.

Dawid Goiński,
Chairman of the Board of Jumo

Rosebikes EN

I recommend working with Orange Juice. Google AdWords training and workshops help you get started and learn more advanced. Campaigns implemented with the help of the Orange Juice team quickly boosted online sales on the Polish market. Doubling turnover during the year? Yes, it’s possible with Orange Juice.

Piotr Nowicki,
Country Manager Poland, Rosebikes

Buylando EN

Great training, both basic and advanced. Mr. Łukasz also recommended how to run a campaign in the area of our site I can see the effects after the first changes to the campaign. I highly recommend it to everyone, knowledge is served in a very understandable way.

Karol Bocheński,

Promostar EN

In May, we took part in training in Orange Juice on Internet advertising – AdWords. This is the only and first company that really bent over our expectations regarding methods of promoting and gaining customers over the internet. During the training, we learned how to create an advertising campaign on the Internet (…), how to do it from anywhere in the world, with only a smartphone!

Szymon Szymański-Zych,
Commercial director Promostar Group

Bieg Firmowy EN

Cooperation with Orange Juice is pure pleasure! Ongoing and efficient contact, and a huge commitment to customer success. With a clear conscience I can recommend this company.

Wiola Kurpiella,
Event Manager Bieg Firmowy


The training given to students on working on the internet was very well received. It expanded our knowledge of marketing and practical information related to this topic, which we would not have had the opportunity to learn from (…) classes at the university. The success of the meeting (…) was also the right form of communication (…). The time spent on training was most valuable.

Anna Miastkowska,
Head of Finance & Parntership Development

Śląsk Wrocław EN

The Google Analytics audit carried out by Orange Juice is a real mine of knowledge – it allowed us to find gaps in our web analytics and develop sales activities based on specific data. I recommend Orange Juice with a clear conscience.

Michał Mazur,
Director of Communication and Promotion Śląsk Wrocław

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