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GA4 configuration

Trust the experts and discover all the advantages of the new tool

Properly collected data helps to make the right business decisions – that is why it is so important to use analytics tools that best reflect the behavior of users on the web. 2022 is already known as the year of web analytics. However, the real revolution awaits us on July 1, 2023. It is then that Google will completely replace the current version of Google Analytics Universal with the refreshed, fourth generation of the system. How to install Google Analytics 4 and what to remember when configuring it?

The first information about Google Analytics 4 appeared in 2020. At that time, however, hardly anyone thought about changing the tool. Now, however, Google forces marketers and analysts to take radical steps. In July 2023, users will only have access to Google Analytics 4, while only historical data will remain in the old version of the system. “Switching” to the fourth generation of the world’s most popular data analytics tool is therefore not so much a choice as a necessity. Only the earlier implementation of the modified system will provide you with the ability to compare data and continuity in their collection. Experts already admit that a real revolution in the approach to web analytics awaits us. Therefore, the sooner you take care of the implementation of the new system, the more time you will gain to get to know the tool and use all its possibilities. And of these Google Analytics 4 gives quite a lot.

The biggest advantages of Google Analytics 4:

  • better reflection of the user’s purchase path – the tool synthesizes data from multiple devices (mobile, desktop) and different traffic sources (direct, search, display, FB advertising)
  • unification of the way of structuring data in a model based on events (events), and not, as before, by session (behavior on the website) and event (behavior in the mobile application)
  • a more accurate data attribution model that is not limited to attributing conversions to the last traffic source
  • user information collected from three sources, allowing for high-quality audience data

Only the correct configuration of Google Analytics 4 will allow you to take full advantage of the potential of the new tool. Our specialists will guide you step by step through the entire process of implementing the modified system. This way you can be sure that the implementation of Google Analytics 4 will go quickly, efficiently and smoothly.

What can we do for you?

  • implement Google Analytics 4 tracking code on the site, and then configure all settings of the tool so that it is ready for use
  • optimize an already existing account and show you the areas that need to be modified
  • conduct a training session for you or your employees, during which we will discuss what are the most common mistakes in the configuration of Google Analytics 4 and what to do to avoid them
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What can you get from us?

Tailored analytics

Tailored analytics

We will customize your Google Analytics configuration to meet your business goals.

Data continuity

Data continuity

Quick implementation of the service will enable you to create benchmarking analyses after the GA Universal service is turned off.

Correctness of data

Correctness of data

Implementation implemented by an expert ensures that decisions are made with the right data.



Once the GA4 service is implemented, you will receive dedicated implementation support from us.

Feedback from our customers

Cooperation with Orange Juice is pure pleasure! Ongoing and efficient contact, and a huge commitment to customer success. With a clear conscience I can recommend this company.

Wiola Kurpiella,
Event Manager Bieg Firmowy

Great training! Really recommendable. The approach of a friendly tutor is professional and helpful. In addition to the training plan, you can find out interesting curiosities. I appreciate the individual approach. The training atmosphere is extremely pleasant and light, which allows you to focus knowledge in a very productive way.

Leszek Wiśniewski,
Owner of Auto Franpol

Great training, both basic and advanced. Mr. Łukasz also recommended how to run a campaign in the area of our site I can see the effects after the first changes to the campaign. I highly recommend it to everyone, knowledge is served in a very understandable way.

Karol Bocheński,

We have been a customer of Orange Juice for a long time and with a clear conscience recommended this agency as a reliable and reliable partner.

Joanna Chomka,
Owner of

The Orange Juice agency has entrusted comprehensive activities to the promotion of our company on the Internet. From the beginning of cooperation, we have been dealing with great professionalism, experience and creativity […] Thanks to reliable analysis and properly selected and implemented strategy, we successfully reach clients.

Krzysztof Wolański,
Managing director,

Cięty Język and Orange Juice were joined in cooperation on events related to the promotion of Wrocław. How do we remember it? Professionalism came to the fore and in a solid dose. Video campaigns promoting events on YouTube attracted a huge number of people to these events. We hope that this was not the last common point of contact and we will still be able to cooperate!

Karol Gołaj,
President of Cięty Język

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What is the GA4 configuration process like?

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Audit

We will analyze the web analytics configurations used so far. We will discuss the audit report presenting the status of the current configuration.

Implementation plan

Implementation plan

We will create a web page measurement plan - defining the most important KPIs - metrics, dimensions, events and data views that allow you to verify your goals.

Configuration GA 4

Configuration GA 4

We will configure GA 4 using Google Tag Manager according to Google best practices. We will adapt the tool to your expectations by presenting the costs of indirect and direct sales.

Overview of configuration

Overview of configuration

We will present a new scheme of measuring interaction on the website. We will present useful reports monitoring key business success indicators.

  • We have already configured more than 40 GA4 accounts

    We have worked through the installation of the new system in many industries. This ensures that we operate efficiently, flawlessly and on time, providing a comprehensive transition service to a new data analytics model.

  • Our experts are certified by Google Analytics

    We apply best practices, periodically updating the workshop with Google guidelines. This way you can be sure that we will properly analyze and interpret the statistics.

  • We provide management reports

    We will configure data views in Google Analytics, relevant for your business. We will adapt reporting tools to your needs, thanks to which monitoring of website effects will be easy and useful.

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What do Google Analytics 4 reports look like?

Choose the right package for you

500 € + VAT


  • Migrating Analytics Universal to GA4
  • Implementation of the GA4 tag by Google Tag Manager
  • Configuring the correctness of data collection
  • Configuration of conversion based on defined events
  • Link to Google Ads

800 € + VAT


  • Activities from the Basic Package and in addition:
  • Creating dedicated events for GA4 conversions
  • Connecting GA4 with Google Search Console
  • Creation of standard audience groups
  • Creation of 5 key reports to evaluate the effectiveness of activities
  • Implementation of consent mode
  • Conducting an audit of growth and sales opportunities

+1400 € + VAT


  • Activities from the Standard Package and in addition:
  • Creation of 10 key reports evaluating the effectiveness of activities
  • Creation of data layer documentation
  • Configuration of ecommerce
  • Importing cost data
  • Transfer of historical data to Big Querry
  • Configuration of GTM tags (client-side or server-side)


What is Google Analytics 4?

GA4 is a new generation of website and app reporting service that completely replaces Google Analytics Universal. The tool records user behavior on the website/application, and also identifies the user in such dimensions as: demography, geography, interests. Setting up the GA4 service in your business:

  • better understand the customer’s purchase path, thanks to the mechanism of collecting user data from websites and mobile applications, which go to one, unified place
  • you will be able to target ads to users who are likely to be motivated to purchase in the future
  • you will integrate data about your customers and potential customers from web analytics, sales from the network of fixed points, internal CRMs and more in one place. Thanks to GA4’s machine learning technology, you will increase sales effectiveness by creating groups of customers who are more likely to purchase the product.

Why does the delay of the GA 4 configuration decision work against you?

Google, on its official website, has announced the end date for Google Analytics Universal. Consequently, the tool will stop collecting user data after July 1, 2023. If by that time, your site does not have the new Google Analytics 4 service installed, you will lose the ability to analyze data using the benchmarking method. In other words, if you are reading this text, and you do not have the GA4 service configured on your site, then when you come in August 2023, to compare sales data for the periods July 2023 to July 2022, you will not have this opportunity :/ Contact us now.

How long does it take to implement Google Analytics 4 configuration?

The average time we need to professionally configure GA4 is 2 weeks. However, the time to configure the service is always individually priced, because we know from experience that it is in vain to look for identical businesses, having similar expectations, technology used, work methodology and other parameters that shape the final business result.

How much does the setup cost and can I implement it myself?

The basic GA4 configuration package, which includes a 49-point implementation plan, costs £999 net.

However, if you want to take advantage of the full capabilities of the new generation of web analytics, and don’t want to delve into configuring Google Tag Manager, data.layer values or customizing reports that monitor your business’ key metrics, use the contact form and you will receive a customized service.

If you have the knowledge and time, you can configure GA4 analytics yourself.

Can I transfer data from GA Universal to GA 4?

It is possible to transfer data from Google Analytics Universal to BigQuery and combine it with data from Google Analytics 4.
On the other hand, if you are thinking about a magic button that will automatically migrate the tools, we have to disappoint you – it does not exist 🙂

Why with Orange Juice

Orange Juice is first and foremost a passion of people for the Internet and its possibilities. An efficiency approach flows in our blood, we know that effective marketing is not measured by the size of the budget, but by the effect and sales achieved.

We have a wealth of experience built on more than 17 million zlotys of advertising budget spent, we work successfully for each industry. We train in Google Ads & Google Analytics, and the Google Partner Premium mark is confirmation that we deliver effective solutions from Google at the highest level.

Among our professed values are passion, trust, openness and development. If you share similar values, we invite you to contact us.

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