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Bing Ads

Not just Google. Find out what you will gain from Bing Ads

Are you already using Google’s ad network and looking for new sources of traffic acquisition? Or maybe you intend to expand your business abroad and don’t know how to effectively reach potential buyers of your products or services? Bing Ads, although not very popular in Poland, will allow you to increase the reach and click-through rate of your ads, especially if you plan to expand your business in the United States. It is in the U.S. that Bing has the largest search engine market share, 6.5 percent, providing an interesting alternative to Google for many users.

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine. Like Google, Bing has its own advertising system known as Bing Ads (old name) or Microsoft Advertising. Campaigns run through the tool appear not only on the Bing search engine, but also on Yahoo, MSN and the Microsoft Audience Network. The ad format itself is similar to Google Ads. The Microsoft Advertising system allows the creation of text, dynamic or product ads, as well as remarketing campaigns. The CPC (per click) billing method allows you to monitor results and optimize your budget on an ongoing basis.

Is Bing Ads a form of advertising for me?

Due to the low popularity of the Microsoft search engine in Poland, Bing Ads is rarely chosen as a form of advertising. Meanwhile, a skillfully managed campaign in Microsoft’s advertising system is much cheaper than Google Ads, and can realistically translate into business growth. We recommend Bing Ads especially to those entrepreneurs who have an offer aimed at customers from Europe and the US, and all those who want to expand their existing sales channels. Fewer users of the Bing search engine means less competition, which translates into more opportunities for customer acquisition. Contact us and we will analyze your needs and help you determine if Bing Ads will be a good investment for you.

What can we do for you?

  • Schedule campaigns in Microsoft Advertising with your budget in mind
  • Set up a Bing Ads account or operate an existing one after a prior audit of your existing efforts
  • Prepare a list of keywords on which ads will be displayed (Analogous to Google Ads, Bing has its own keyword planning tool Keyword Planner Bing Ads)
  • Match the content and form of the ads to the specifics of your industry and business goals
  • Determine your target audience and ad display schedule, taking into account foreign markets
  • Check who your biggest competitors are and determine what benefits Bing Ads will bring you
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Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising

Display text ads in the search engine. Although Bing's share in Poland is close to 1.5%, it is still a niche advertisement with low competition and finally low CPC.

Product advertising

Product advertising

Your products will be seen by displaying on the main page of Bing. Sell your products in Poland, Germany, the USA, Australia and Nigeria.



We will reach people who have already been in contact with your site to encourage them to return

Advertising 3 in 1

Advertising 3 in 1

In Bing Ads you will create an advertisement that will be displayed not on one, but on three search engines! -,,

  • We create high -quality ads

    We use our experience for creating quality ads. Take advantage of our knowledge and open yourself to new possibilities.

  • We choose the right target group at Bing Ads

    We will display ads only to your target group. We use proven practices of precise advertising management, thanks to which our advertising campaigns on Bing sell!

  • We are conducting bing ads activities on many search engines

    Your ads will appear in three search engines: Bing, MSN and Yahoo, thanks to which we are able to display a message to your potential customer who does not use a search engine than Bing.

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What can your ads look like?

From brainstorming to great results!



We develop a proposal to manage and communicate advertising
based on information from the advertising brief sent to us.
After taking into account the customer's suggestion and final acceptance, we implement an advertising campaigns to the account.



We keep our finger on the pulse every day and check the results of the campaign,
to best use the budget and make assumptions. We introduce cyclical tests of other management and creation options,
to ensure constant campaign development.



Once a month we send a report with campaign results. Divided
It is on the number of views, coverage, number of clicks on advertising, cost
for one click/1000 views (depending on the purpose of the campaign)
and clicking factor.

Our customers' opinions

We have been cooperating with specialists of interactive agencies for 5 years. Long-term cooperation allows us to understand our business goals and set new ones as our strategy and company develop. Our cooperation with the Orange Juice interactive agency is successfully determined by three slogans: professionalism, effect orientation, trust.

Maciej Zych,
Marketing Director at Mennica Wroclawska

We have been a customer of Orange Juice for a long time and with a clear conscience recommended this agency as a reliable and reliable partner.

Joanna Chomka,
Owner of

Cooperation with Orange Juice is pure pleasure! Ongoing and efficient contact, and a huge commitment to customer success. With a clear conscience I can recommend this company.

Wiola Kurpiella,
Event Manager Bieg Firmowy

The Google Analytics audit carried out by Orange Juice is a real mine of knowledge – it allowed us to find gaps in our web analytics and develop sales activities based on specific data. I recommend Orange Juice with a clear conscience.

Michał Mazur,
Director of Communication and Promotion Śląsk Wrocław

From the beginning of our cooperation, we have been observing (…) the involvement of Orange Juice specialists in our advertising activities. (…) Recruitment for studies at the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw, despite the annual decline in the number of high school graduates in Poland, was a success and a better result than in previous years. (…) A lot of feedback, quick response and searching for solutions to increase recruitment and registration. We recommend Orange Juice as the right business partner for implementing online campaigns.

Paulina Boroń-Kacperek,
Director of the Recruitment Office of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Orange Juice is above all great committed people. Good contact and understanding of goals accompanies us from the very beginning of cooperation. It all adds up to successful promotion on Google. I would recommend.

Grzegorz Szymański,
Co-owner of

Orange Juice provides professional support in online marketing. The agency’s extensive knowledge – both theoretical and practical – deserves recognition. Timely implementation of tasks, extensive competence and expert advice allow you to recommend her as a trusted business partner.

Agnieszka Trzepacz,
Marketing Coordinator at SpeedFly

The Orange Juice agency has entrusted comprehensive activities to the promotion of our company on the Internet. From the beginning of cooperation, we have been dealing with great professionalism, experience and creativity […] Thanks to reliable analysis and properly selected and implemented strategy, we successfully reach clients.

Krzysztof Wolański,
Managing director,

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556 mln unique users

11.7 bln searches per month

45% of people search for information about the brand

30% of searches in the USA support Bing

What are the advertising opportunities with Bing Ads?

Bing Ads can reach those users you can’t catch on Google! There is less competition on Bing, so your ad will reach a specific target group faster.

How does the Bing ADS campaign work?

Bing ADS campaigns allow advertisers to reach potential customers by displaying ads in Bing search results and in Microsoft advertising networks. We create these campaigns for purposes such as increasing website traffic, increasing sales or acquiring new customers.
We have various tools and features at your disposal that allow you to tailor your campaigns to your needs, such as selecting keywords, locations and languages, as well as setting maximum bids and campaign budgets.

What is running a Bing ADS campaign?

Running Bing ADS campaigns requires experience and skills in planning, implementing and optimizing advertising campaigns. First, you need to understand your business goals and align your campaign strategy with those goals. Then you need to do demand research, competitor analysis and choose the right keywords, ad groups, locations, language and ad texts.
To do this, you need to constantly monitor the performance of your campaigns, test different strategies and optimize your cost-per-click (CPC). In addition, you should regularly adjust your campaign’s maximum bids and budgets based on your needs and results. We carry out such activities every week in order to maximize the effects of our campaigns.

Where can my Bing Ads ad appear?

  • Bing Search Engine
  • Yahoo Search Engine
  • MSN Search Engine

Why advertise on Bing?

First of all, it is worth investing in ads on this medium due to the small advertising noise – on Bing you do not have to pay more to be able to win against the competition, because there is really little of it. It is also a good new source of attracting customers, especially foreign ones, where Bing is more popular than in Poland.

How much does a click cost?

The billing policy of Bing ADS is that advertisers must set a maximum amount that they are willing to pay for a click on their ad. Bing ADS then uses bidding algorithms to select which ads will be displayed in response to a given user query. The final cost per click on an ad depends on several factors, including the advertiser’s maximum bid, competition and the quality of the ad. Advertisers can control their cost per click by modifying maximum bids and optimizing campaigns.
At Orange Juice, we invest a lot of time in optimization activities, which is why our clients pay on average 30% less on advertising expenses thanks to high-quality advertising. Thanks to effective CPC optimization and a well-thought-out strategy, we are able to help our clients achieve high results of advertising campaigns at low costs.

How much does advertising on Bing cost?

There are two components to your advertising on Bing: your advertising budget and compensation for our work.

  • Advertising budget – Bing Ads charges you every time it redirects an interested user to your website (or for other activity you care about). You can set your budget as low as PLN 1, but if you take this source of traffic seriously, we recommend that your advertising budget should not be lower than PLN 1,000 per month. This is a value that can bring visible changes to your business.
  • Orange Juice remuneration – depends on the complexity of the campaign and the work we have to do for you. Everything depends on the strategy and agreed terms of cooperation.

How long does it take to see the effects of the Bing ADS campaign?

The amount of time it takes for a Bing ADS campaign to produce results depends on a number of factors, such as the goal of the campaign, competition, industry, keywords and more. In some cases, advertisers may see improvements in campaign performance within days or weeks, while in other cases it may take several months. In our experience, the average time is 7 wks.
However, to get effective results from Microsoft Ads campaigns, advertisers should be patient and consistent in their efforts. Time should be spent monitoring and optimizing campaigns to get the best results and avoid financial losses. Advertisers should also keep in mind that advertising campaigns are a continuous process and need to be constantly adapted to changing market conditions and business needs.

Is advertising in Bing ADS profitable?

Advertising – the second largest search engine in the world – Bing Ads can bring significant benefits, but profitability depends on the quality of the campaign and a professional approach to managing and optimizing advertising campaigns. This requires a well-thought-out strategy, well-designed ads, and optimal use of targeting tools to reach the right audience.
Our experience shows that properly planned and conducted advertising campaigns in Microsoft Ads allow you to squeeze more out of this platform. Thanks to this, we will achieve a greater return on investment and attract new customers, which will increase the profits of your business.

What is the scope of cooperation with Orange Juice?

We carry out comprehensive activities related to Facebook Ads advertising. We will carry out the necessary configurations for you, create effective campaigns and communication. Bing Ads campaign support includes:

  • choosing a presence strategy on Bing
  • configuration and optimization of the most effective ads placed on the platform.
  • reporting of achieved results

We specialize in paid tools Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Yandex, Bing, Allegro. That is why we will be happy to take care of paid forms for you aimed at a specific sales goal or building a brand image.

Why with Orange Juice?

Orange Juice is primarily people’s passion for the Internet and its possibilities. The efficiency approach runs in our blood, we know that effective marketing is not measured by the size of the budget, but by the effect and achieved sales.

We have extensive experience built on over PLN 17 million of spent advertising budget, we work successfully for each of the industries.

Among the values we profess are: passion, trust, openness and development. If you share similar values, please contact us.

-40% lower cost of sales (case study)

Orange Juice and ROSE Bikes - increase the rate of e-commerce while reducing the cost of sales.

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